The PCS repeater diplexer provides a low loss transmitter path to the antenna and a low loss path from the antenna port to the receiver port. The diplexer may be used with the transmit signal applied to either channel port. The diplexer is specifically designed for PCS bands A, B or C. Diplexers are also available in 5 MHz, 20 MHz and full band configurations. The basic diplexer design can also be adapted to custom applications in the 1700 to 2200 MHz for similar bandwidths and channel separations. If you have specific requirements, please submit your specifications. Submit Request for Quote
Band A: 1850 to 1865 MHz 1930 to 1945 MHz
Band B: 1870 to 1885 MHz 1950 to 1965 MHz
Band C: 1895 to 1910 MHz 1975 to 1990 MHz
Insertion Loss (All bands) 2.0 dB maximum
Passband Flatness 0.25 dB maximum
Return Loss (All bands) 14 dB minimum
40 dB rejection bandwidth 80 MHz maximum
Lower Stopband 60 dB from DC to F0-72.5 MHz
Upper Stopband 60 dB from F0+72.5 MHz to 4000 MHz
Power Handling 20 W CW minimum
Size: See drawing above
Connectors: SMA female standard. TNC or Type N available